Pivotech-skateable architecture design company
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  • Location: Finspång, Sweden
  • Year: 2019/2020
  • Area: 1050m²
  • Skate design: Pivotech
  • Construction: Nord & Concrete Proof
  • Client/Developer: Finspång Municipality

Skatepark is located in a park south of Arena Grosvad. Since there are often clashes between skaters and kickbikers, municipality wanted us to make two separate areas; bigger skatepark and smaller kickbike/beginner area. The solution was very appreciated after completion both from users as well as municipality. The skatepark layout is adapted to an existing sloping terrain and has sitting areas along the main entrance. The skatepark area features a classic kidney bowl that sits on the same level as the entrance while the rest of the park is designed as a flow/street area that is pushed down on the south edge in order to adjust to the terrain.  Around the skatepark there is green space with new planted trees that blend together into the surrounding city park which became a generation park with a lot of other activities such as outdoor gym, playground etc.