Pivotech-skateable architecture design company
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  • Location: Nuuk, Greenland
  • Year: 2013
  • Area: 500m┬▓
  • Skate design: Pivotech
  • Construction: Urban Greenland Consulting, ENR
  • Client/Developer: Nuuk Municipality

There is a heavy progression of street culture and action sports in Greenland. Because of long winters, winter sports naturally makes up for a large part of that scene and the numbers of active skateboarders and BMX are steadily rising. Together with the association Urban Greenland, we created the first full scale skatepark in Greenland, located in the capital, Nuuk. The skatepark, which covers 500 m2, is an integrated part of the schoolyard for the new school in Qinngorput. Local engagement has been a huge part of the project, from reviewing design ideas to actually welding and manufacturing several elements found throughout the skatepark.