About Us
Pivotech-skateable architecture design company
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We are a pioneering and leading company in Scandinavia with over 15 years’ experience designing skateparks and other skateable spaces. Our multi-disciplinary team is made up of engineers, architects and landscape architects who are all rooted in skateboarding.

Our projects range from skateparks and advanced concrete designs to landscape projects and active environments. We cover everything from concept to final design and do management throughout both the planning and construction phases for clients who are private, public, or non-profit organizations.

Although most of our work has focused on creating skateparks and skateable spaces in Sweden, Denmark, and Norway, we also enjoy taking on challenges in other countries and contexts. We always interested in new collaborations with architects, designers, consultants, contractors, and construction companies.

Our mission is to always deliver the best possible project by striving for exceptional quality.


Pivotech was founded in 2004 and was originally a working name for the collaboration between Markus Wassberg and John Magnusson, designing skateparks together. Pivotech later became officially registered as a company – hence gaining its independency.


Our service covers the first phases in the establishment of skateparks and skateable spaces in the city – from planning and conceptualizing to final design and construction management throughout the construction. We deliver everything from strategic briefs to comprehensive production drawings for both private and public customers.


Our vision is to create great places for skateboarding suited for every specific situation. The skateable space created should always add positive qualities to the site and its vicinity, both for skateboarders and other people interacting within the same context.