Pivotech-skateable architecture design company
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  • Location: Halmstad, Sweden
  • Year: 2011
  • Area: 2000m²
  • Skate design: Pivotech
  • Construction: Betongpark, Stangeland Maskin
  • Client/Developer: Halmstad Municipality

Halmstad Skatepark is one of the main features of the activity park next to Halmstad Arena. The skatepark contains a big street plaza and Sweden’s largest enclosed bowl. Parallel to the skatepark is a pedestrian- and bicycle track which is well integrated thanks to several interesting skate functions along its full stretch. To break up the 2000 m2 of grey concrete, green pockets with plants and grass were placed throughout the park. Yellow pigmented and uniquely shaped elements, in combination with material diversity, such as bricks, rocks and Corten steel, creates the skatepark’s singular identity.