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Pivotech-skateable architecture design company
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  • Location: Helsingborg, Sweden
  • Year: 2016
  • Area: 1100m²
  • Skate design: Pivotech
  • Construction: ENR
  • Client/Developer: Helsingborg Municipality

Jutan is Sweden’s third largest indoor skatepark located in an old gunny factory that has been remade into an activity centre for the youth of Helsingborg. Previously designed by Pivotech almost ten years ago the much appreciated facility is now completely redesigned to match current expectations and trends within skateboarding. As always the design is a product of close involvement with the local skaters through workshops and meetings. The end result is a versatile mix of street, park and bowl skating.Classic street skating elements such as “New York fire hydrants”, barriers and rails are highlighted with red colour to create the authentic street feeling as well as providing the park with a trademark colour. Materials that characterize the industrial building of Jutan are incorporated in the skatepark,such as brick banks and transitions together with steel,granite and concrete floor. The aesthetic expression is raw and robust setting the right atmosphere for skateboarding.