Pivotech-skateable architecture design company
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  • Location: Copenhagen, Denmark
  • Year: 2018/2019
  • Area: 550m²
  • Skate design: Pivotech & SNE Architects
  • Construction: FSR
  • Client/Developer: Copenhagen Municipality

The skatepark is situated by the entrance of Remiseparken which has been designed as the “play park” for children and youth in Copenhagen and is the only park of such kind in the city. The original design for the skatepark was done by SNE Architects. Our task was to refine the design and complete the construction documentation needed to complete the project. The design is quite unique in geometry since the skatepark is adapted to a steep terrain. Pigmented concrete and blended in seating areas adds to the uniqueness of the skatepark. Key features of the skatepark are a blended in bowl with surrounding flow area and a fully skateable decks around the entire park.