Name: Actionpark Tranås
Location: Tranås, Sweden
Size: 750 m2
Completed: 2013
Team: Pivotech
Construction: TAS AB, ENR

Actionpark Tranås was completed due to years of hard work by the local skateboard association. Increased interest in “unorganized sports” over the last several years resulted the municipality granting local skateboards their wish for a new skatepark.

The Actionpark is situated in Gillesparken, the finest park of Tranås, just meters from the river that cuts through the city center. The skatepark is well-integrated with the rest of the park and pleases skaters of all levels. Features like local “Tranås granite” and LED lights give the park its unique identity.

The skatepark was nominated to SAJKs architectural prize 2013 with the motivation: “…the sculptural shapes of the skatepark blend well into the environment and add value to the whole park … the skatepark brings life and movement, and contributes to make the whole park an activated site in the city”.