Name: Stenungsund Skatepark
Location: Stenungsund, Sweden
Size: 1100 m2
Completed: 2012
Team: Pivotech
Construction: Hansson & Söner, ENR

Stenungsund skatepark was established in collaboration with a local group of skaters. The most important feature of the design was to inspire people to skate on an everyday basis. The local skaters preferred a smaller skatepark with unique features, rather than a large-scale park for big competitions. The skatepark design began with a geometrical shape, the hexagon, that was then multiplied and combined in numerous variations.

This process created many multi-directional obstacles, which, combined with an open-plan layout, resulted in a unique skatepark. The whole site was then completed with good areas for spectators, wild grass plantations and hang-out spots.

“Everyone think it’s amazing! … This is the best thing that has happened in Stenungsund in a long while” – Representative from the municipality.