Name: Söderlyckan
Location: Lund, Sweden
Size: Skatepark 1650 m2
Plaza and common areas 1500 m2
Green areas 2550 m2
Completed: 2016
Team: Pivotech, Sweco
Construction: Akea, Concreatures

Pivotech teamed up with Sweco to create the winning design in the prestigious architectural competition for Lund’s new Söderlyckan skatepark, marking yet another successful collaboration between these two companies.

Integration, variation, flow (for everybody), and the unique atmosphere that characterizes Lund, have all been essential components of our project through every phase of design, planning and construction. The local skateboard organization were the initiators of the project and since day one we have had a solid process of communication and feedback about our progress.

Söderlyckan is now delivered, complete with an amazing skatepark, plaza, areas for relaxation, and new green spaces that blend together with the surrounding city park. A smaller service building with storage and bathrooms is also part of the project. The skatepark area is located right behind Mejeriet, one of Lund’s major concert and cultural venues, creating the possibility for more collaborations between them and the local skateboard organization.

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