Name: Kävlinge Aktivitetspark
Location: Kävlinge, Sweden
Size: Skatepark ca 800 m2
Completed: 2015
Team: Pivotech, Tyréns
Construction:  Concreatures, AKEA

The skatepark in Kävlinge is an exciting addition to the line of activities offered at the multi-park K.A.P, Kävlinge Aktivitetspark. The skatepark offers flow, street and bowl areas, while the rest of the multi-park has activities like boules, slack-line, street basketball, beach handball and an obstacle course.

The local skateboarders in Kävlinge municipality were essential to the success of K.A.P. They have been working for many years to get a skatepark and they were committed to helping us throughout the entire design process.